These comments come from my clients, who have been pleased with the work we've done together.

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Visceral Manipulation

“I am a 57 year old avid cyclist in Boulder, riding 4 to 5 days a week for a total of 8 to 10 hours in an average week. This past summer, after a few weeks of particularly heavy riding, I started noticing some knee pain in and around the front side of my left knee. Once it started, the pain was evident at the very start of each subsequent ride, and continued at different intensity levels throughout each ride. After this had been going on for close to 2 weeks, I had my periodic massage appointment with Christina. I noticed when she got to my left knee that she stopped and worked on the knee for several minutes, then continued with the normal massage. Afterwards, she asked me if I had been having some issues with my left knee (I hadn’t said anything to her before the massage). I said that yes, in fact, I’d been having some pain in that knee for several weeks. She nodded, and said I could now expect some relief. Indeed, I have had no pain in my left knee since then, and have been continuing my riding schedule for several months without recurrence. I have always considered myself a skeptic regarding such types of remedies, but I am now a believer.” - Knute H.

"I had chronic pain in my neck muscles.  I tried stretching, and it would feel better after a massage, but it always came back. Then one session Christina did Visceral Manipulation, and the pain was gone completely and has not returned. It was amazing!” - Charlene K.

Energy Work

"Christina Hildebrandt is the best masseuse I've had in my life.  Considering that I am 65 years old, with chronic pain concerns and joint replacements, that is saying a lot.  She has an intuitive, gentle touch, and a large knowledge base. Very sensitive to a client's unique needs, she has extensive experience in alternative (auditory and energy) manipulation. I highly recommend her, without reservation."  A.K.Archer, MD

I saw Christina for an energy/sound healing session for body healing. I am myself an experienced clairvoyant healer and both see and feel energy. Christina's ability with subtle energy was exceptional. Half-way through the session, she began to play her gongs. I was very impressed. With gongs and harp, she is able to create a magical, safe and uplifting space for the body/mind to relax and to let go of held emotions causing constriction and pain in the fascia and other body systems. She also scanned my body and aligned it. Her presence is calming and compassionate. I would highly recommend a treatment with Christina! Five Stars for her subtle energy work!! - Dhyana E.

Monthly Singing Bowls at The Meditation Place

Robert H:  Singing Bowls are a most enjoyable, meditative and refreshing time for me each month. I am working to center myself once more and appreciate these sessions very much.
J.A.B.: Singing bowls is the most wonderful, ethereal experience. Almost indescribable. Addicting! in a great way.
Macy M: I love going to something where it's all about blankets! 

What people say about my CDs Deep Calm and Inner Vision: 

"I listen to it every night to go to sleep." E.L.

"I use it in the morning to start my day and wake up on a good note." C.H. 

"I use it in my meditation practice." P.J.

“So wonderfully relaxing! Will be listening to this daily!” L.C.

“Incredible trance state. It is as though the mermaids are serenading. Truly puts you in a higher vibrational state prior to meditation.” H.A.

“Felt very personal. I was in the Tank. My heart chakra filled. Thank you.” M.

Essential Oil Products

Sarah K: I adore my Winter Hand Cream!

Gail F: I love to keep the little Winter Hand Cream in my purse, it's the perfect size.

Susan L: Perfumes make me sick, but essential oils are fine for me. She sells the essential oils for a very good price - I use them as perfume. She will mix any combination of scents that you desire.

Massage Therapy

"You knew how to put everything together to make a fabulous massage!  Probably the best massage I've had, where the practitioner knew exactly where to go!" - Ann M.

"You are so talented at what you do!  I always feel like it's a little miracle when I get a massage...I tell my friends you're the Body Whisperer!" - Lisa H.

 "She has an incredible sense of touch. She's not just a massage therapist- she's a healer." - Mike C

"Christina is a highly creative, grounded person whose calm presence inspires confidence in her work and products!" - Edwina S.

Craniosacral Therapy

I am a relatively new client of Christina's. I originally went to her for some deep tissue massage (which was AWESOME) but then she sensed I needed some cranial work. Whoa, was she right. I have been dealing with some intense emotional issues, and had been feeling like my mind never rests, but after the cranial work I felt that my brain finally got a vacation. I left the studio refreshed and calm. Be sure to take advantage of Christina's knowledge of and skill with making essential oils. I recommend a combination of rose and spruce... YUM!! I live in Boulder where there are a plethora of massage therapists, but I choose to drive to Longmont for Christina's amazing work. Amy F, Boulder CO

Christina is a true "body whisperer". I have been receiving therapy from her for several years now, and her focus on listening to my body and helping me release dark places is incredibly nurturing and effective. She is intuitive, responsive, and highly skilled. Go see her!!!- Amy F, Boulder CO

From the Insight Timer meditation app:

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Rose from Australia: "Loved it! My favourite."

Erika from England: "Deepening."

Rachel from Scotland: “Some of the most sublime music I’ve ever heard.”

Cindy from Ohio: “Cleaned out the clutter and totally relaxed my mind. Ready for the day!”

Faby from Chicago: "Absolutely Beautiful and Relaxing! One of the best meditation sessions ever! Thank you so much!"