Crystal Singing Bowls
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Crystal Singing Bowls

Join us for Crystal Singing Bowls every second Saturday for relaxation and an opportunity to shift your bodymind- Coupled with your intention, bathing in the sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls gets to the deeper parts of You to allow for the change you're seeking!

 The Meditation Place, 324 Main Street  Longmont
(entrance off the Kimbark alley, one door south of Old Town Marketplace)
Cost: $10/person

The vibrations produced by the bowls create an opportunity for relaxation and subtle shifts in our psyches and bodies; participants may sit, lie or stand to receive this sonic bath!  There are chairs and meditation cushions at The Meditation Place; feel free to bring your own blanket or mat to ensure your comfort on the wood floor.

Contact me to experience this peaceful, expansive feeling in your home or in my studio as a private session; $90 in my studio, $125 to bring the bowls to you for a one-hour sonic bath (invite 10 friends @ $12/person- sounds like a party to me!) I also offer my singing bowls and guided meditations to groups as a shared experience at your healing center or at your office. Please send this to a friend who could use a break: it's my desire to help relieve your stress and pain, so your spirit can soar! 

My singing bowls cd, Inner Vision, is available for purchase in my studio or at a 'bowling' session! You can listen to samples or buy the digital version online here:

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