Are you frustrated because you’re not getting the relief you need from traditional treatment? Have you reached a wall that’s keeping you from doing what you love to do?

The trauma from injuries, surgeries and emotional upheaval is often stored (sometimes for years!) as restrictions in the fascial web. This connective tissue web is responsible for allowing your organs, nerves and blood vessels to move and glide, but when there are restrictions in the web, these structures can’t move or function well. This causes pain, dysfunction and disease, and often traditional medicine can’t figure out what’s wrong! Over time, untreated restrictions domino through the body, creating worse symptoms.

I use a holistic combination of neural and visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy energy work and sound healing to find restrictions and help release them with gentle and precise touch.

The result: freedom from pain, better movement, and prevention of disease.


How can Neural and Visceral Manipulation help you?

Neural Manipulation can help with so many conditions, because the nerves travel everywhere in the body! When a nerve is compromised through a physical or emotional trauma, it can negatively affect the functioning of all sorts of other structures in the body. Symptoms then show up which can't always be explained or shown with medical imaging. But through NM, we can release those impinged nerves, decrease your pain and increase movement!

More videos and info on my Tools for Healing page!

What Does a Holistic Session Looks Like?

When you book a session with me, your body wisdom will tell us exactly what to do! I use my skills in various bodywork modalities to provide your body with the healing input it’s asking for. Read more about me, or browse services.

(And be sure and check out my Tools for Healing page!)

How can sound help you to heal?

Sound is the most ancient and powerful healing tool on the planet! Because your body is vibrational, it responds to sound vibration. I use sound to nudge your body into a healing mode, where it can make the changes it needs. Click here to see sound made visual.