About Christina Hildebrandt

Christina Hildebrandt, CMT, CCM
Manual Therapist and Certified Clinical Musician

I offer bodywork based on the understanding that you are a vibrational being, and that your body always knows what you need. I help you clear out the restrictions in your body that are holding you back, so you can move forward freely!

I received my Massage Therapy certification in 1992 from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy and continued my education with CranioSacral Therapy and Healing Touch energy work. In 2005, I received training in BioAcoustics through Sharry Edwards’ Sound Health Options. For the past decade, I’ve focused my practice on Visceral and Neural Manipulation through studies at The Barral Institute. As a certified Clinical Musician since 2015, I provide healing harp, singing bowls and vocal music at the bedside for patients. 

I love to share my passion for vibrational healing and meditation! Find that quiet place inside that you can revisit when you need to de-stress: join me for Just Sitting practice at The Meditation Place, read the SoundHeals blog, attend monthly live sound healing sessions at The Meditation Place in Longmont, purchase my recordings of singing bowls, or visit the Tools for Healing page. I hope these tools will help you navigate the difficult times of life.

Christina in The Tank, Rangeley, CO.jpg

Christina plays singing bowls inside The TANK in Rangely, Colorado for her CD, Inner Vision. Buy it on CD Baby or Listen to the first track free!

A quiet mind helps to quiet the body.

A quiet mind helps to quiet the body.